NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 4 At Railway Station Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 4 At Railway Station Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 4 At Railway Station.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 4 At Railway Station


NCTB Bangladesh Board





Chapter Name

At Railway Station

A1. Imagine that you are at a bus/railway station. A friend introduces you to somebody. You couldn’t hear his name properly for the sound around. Now make a conversation among you, your friend, and the new person.

Ans: Vipul: Raj! I’d like to meet …….

Raj: Hello! I am Raj. Sorry I didn’t catch your name.

The new person: Mehul Mehta. Nice to meet you Raj.

Raj: Nice to meet you too Mehul. Where are you from?

Mehul: I am from Dhaka.

Raj: Oh! So you come here for some work?

Mehul: No actually my father transferred from Dhaka to here.

Raj: Ok! Nice to meet you again I have some work talk to you later Mehul and you also Vipul.

Mehul: Nice to meet you to Raj, Talk to you later.

Vipul: Bye Raj talk to you later.

A2. In the above conversation the officer asks the passenger first time “Where do you come from?” and again he asks the passenger “And where do you coming from now?” Why?

Ans: In first when the officer asks “Where do you come from?” he actually asks to the passenger that originally in which country did he belong in respond the passenger reply that he coming from Australia and in second time when officer asks “And where do you coming from now?” then he actually asks that recently in which country that the passenger was coming from so in this the passenger replied he coming from London.

A3. Joy asks Sajed “Where do you come from, Sajed?” What could Joy ask him instead.

Ans: Joy asks Sajed “Where do you come from, Sajed?” from this Joy was want to know that from which place or city that Sajed was living before.

A4. Listen to the conversation between Akash and Mamun, and between Rabeya and Mary again. What difference do you find in the question “what is she doing at the moment?” and “what does she do?”

Ans: The difference did I find in this question is that in first question “what is she doing at the moment?” here the speaker asks that what was she doing right now apart from his job and in second question “what does she do?” means what was she do for living or what was her job.

B. Look at the pictures below. Ask and answer questions about what each person’s profession is, and what she is doing at the moment.

Follow this model:

What is his/her name? What does he/she do?

What is he/she doing now?

At the moment he/she is

He/she is not (not doing what he/she usually does,)

Ans: 1.) His name is Captain Harun and he is Pilot

Now he is buying cloths

At that moment he is in the shop

He is not flying the plane.

2.) Her name is Nadia Sultana and she is student

Now she is playing badminton

At that moment she is in the playground

She in not studying.

3.) His name is Rashid Ahmed and he is doctor

Now he is eating food

At that moment he in the house

He is not seeing patient.

4.) Her name is Shumana Chowdhury and she is lawyer

She is buying fruits

At that moment she is in the market

She is not in the court room.

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