NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 34 Too much or too little water Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 34 Too much or too little water Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 34 Too much or too little water.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 34 Too much or too little water


NCTB Bangladesh Board




Thirty Four

Chapter Name

Too much or too little water

A1.) Read the letter again and then answer the following questions.

a.) Why was Robin excited?

Ans: Robin was excited because he got a letter which was came from his aunt Amina.

b.) How would he go to the countryside?

Ans: He go through bus to the countryside.

A2.) Write a few sentences to your own with the following expressions.

a.) I would like you to invite you in my party.

b.) Would you please come to my place.

A3.) Write a similar invitation letter to a friend. Tell him/her about some of the things you plan to do together.

Ans: Dear Aayush,

I am very happy to inform you that nextweek on 22nd May I will throw a party because I am getting married next month so I inviting you in my party. We are going to enjoy a lot we do lots of thing and also remember our bachelor days life. It will be very important for me if you come. I will come to the airport to receive you.

Your Friend


B.) What do you think is the main idea of the letter? Choose the best answer:

Ans: b.) To tell hi aunt that he learned many things in the country.

B2.) Discuss in groups what is meant by the following expressions:

Ans: a city boy: a person/ boy who live in city and never visit village.

A whole new world: a place for someone where he never went before and see new things.

Miss someone- when you remember someone.

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