NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 23 Wonders of the world-1 Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 23 Wonders of the world-1 Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 23 Wonders of the world-1.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 23 Wonders of the world-1


NCTB Bangladesh Board




Twenty Three

Chapter Name

Wonders of the world-1

Look at the pictures. What are they called?

Ans: 1.) Pyramids

2.) Taj Mahal

3.) Eiffel Tower

C1. Now make questions using the cues given below.

1.) What is Taj Mahal?

2) Where is Taj Mahal located?

3.) How the Saha Jahan love Mumtaz Mahal?

4.) Who was Mumtaz Mahal?

5.) When did Mumtaz died?

6.) Why did Saha Jahan built the Taj Mahal?

7.) How many years did it take to complete the Taj Mahal?

C2. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage.

1.) Taj Mahal

2.) located in Agra.

3.) 1003 acres or 405 hectares

4.) at an early ago.

5.) 21 years and thousands of artisans and craftmen

Read the text about one of the wonders of the world, the Eiffel Tower. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense.

Ans:1.) Was

2.) symbolizes

3.) is

4.) ascended

5.) has

6.) has

. remains

8.) accessed

9.) named

10.) designed

11.) built

Now read the dialogue. What is it about?

Ans: It is about the electronics gadget.

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