NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 15 Our Pride Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 15 Our Pride Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 15 Our Pride.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 15 Our Pride


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Chapter Name

Our Pride

A1. Match a word in column A with a word in column B that has similar meaning.

Ans: annually- once a year

heroic- courageous

liberation- freedom

surrender- to admit defeat and give up

endure- to bear

pledge- promise

A2. Answer the following questions.

a.) Why do we feel sad on our Victory Day?

Ans: We feel sad on our Victory Day because in this day many of unarmed and innocent men, women, and children was killed in Dhaka by Pakistani army.

b.) The night of 25th March is often called ‘The dark night’. Can you say why?

Ans: Because many innocent people was killed by Pakistani armies on that day.

c.) Why do you think we celebrate 26th March as our Independence Day?

Ans: Because on 26th March Bangabandhu declared as the Independence Day of Bangladesh early before he is arrested by Pakistani army.

d.) How many months did we fight to achieve victory in our war of independence?

Ans: Total 8-9 months did we fight to achieve victory in our war of independence.

C.) Read the words in column A. They are used in the text above. Match them their meanings in the column B.

Ans: celebrate- encouragement

wreath- garland

graveyard- cemetery

independence- freedom

martyr- a person who died for a religious or

political belief or cause

sacrifice- to give up

inspiration- observe

Work in pairs and take an interview of your partner. Use these cues.

1.) Do you have any experience of great day?

Ans: Yes, I have. We are going to the Jatiyo Smritisoudho

2.) What was it for?

Ans: It was for my country and I am so happy it is so proud moment for everyone and I

3.) Who accompanied you?

Ans: My parents accompanied me.

4.) What did you do?

Ans: We went there to pay tribute to the liberation war martyrs.

5.) Why was it great/special to you?

Ans: It is special for me because in this day we remember our great fighter and those people who lost their live for us.

Use the cues in section D and write a small paragraph on how your partner celebrated a national day.

Ans: My friend Abdul told me that he celebrated our national day very well with his parents and that day he went to the Jatiyo Smritisoudho to pay tribute to the liberation war martyrs. He told me that there was a long a queue because lots of people went there to paying tribute and they also remembered them also he enjoyed his day with his family and friends.

Write your own experience about the day. Mention what day you celebrated; what exactly you, your teachers, and your friends did; what your feelings were on that day.

Ans: On that great day I was went to my school with my friends or classmates our teachers and principal was give us important information about that day and our principal hoisted the flag and then we paying tribute or remember our fighters and people who lost their life. Than we enjoy lots of cultural programme and songs than we eat sweet and returned to our houses.

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