NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 13 Mujib in school days Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 13 Mujib in school days Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 13 Mujib in school days.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 13 Mujib in school days


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Chapter Name

Mujib in school days

Read the text again. Column A has some words from the meanings of which are given in Column B. Match them. When you have finished matching them, make sentences with them relating to your life.

Ans: establish- set up

Hamper- obstacle

Cheerful- jaunty

Demise- death

Timid- nervous

Charity- help


Ancestor- There ancestor was rich or wealthy.

Establish- This building was established in 2004.

Hamper-You face lots of hamper in your life.

Cheerful- I am so cheerful person.

Demise- After his grandfather demise, they are totally broken.

Timid- I am not timid at all.

Charity. He provides charity for helpless people.

The following questions are based on the reading text on Bangabandhu above. Find out the answers to these questions from your reading of the text.

1.) How many schools have been mentioned in the text? What are those.

Ans: There are three school mentioned in the text. The M. E. Schools and Gopalganj Public School and Madaripur High School.

2.) What fun activities did Mujib love to do?

Ans: He love to play football, volleyball and hockey. He was also interested in singing and was adept in brotochari, a kind of folk dance.

3.) Why was Mujib’s schooling hampered for a long time?

Ans: Mujib’s schooling was hampered for a long time due to an eye surgery to recover his eyesight.

4.) How did Mujib’s tutor, Kazi Abdul Hamid, influence him?

Ans: He influenced him by his activities to society specially to the poor students.

5.) Do you have any similar choice of activities like young Mujib that you enjoy a lot?

Ans: Yes, I Have some similar choice of activities like Mujib that I enjoyed a lot like I love football, I love singing and dancing as well and I also want to help poor people.

Read the multiple choice questions. Each questions have one correct answer. Put a tick (√) mark beside each them.

1.) How was Bangabandhu during his childhoos?

a.) gentle                                     b.) lazy

c.) lively √                                    d.) shy

2.) What type of activity is brotochari?

a.) playing                                       b.) singing

c.) dancing√                                    d.) reading

3.) Why di Mujib follow his tutor?

a.) to help himself               b.) to help the disable person

c.) to help his school              d.) to help the unfortunate students √

4.) When did Mujib take the responsibility of helping the poor students alone?

a.) after his tutor died √             b.) after his leader died

c.) after his father died               d.) after his friend died

Work in groups. Write five sentences on what you have learnt from Bangabandhu’s childhood memories.

Ans:  1.) He studied in three school during his childhood

2.) He loved to play football, volleyball and hockey and also sing and dance as well.

3.) He was very lively and cheerful during his childhood.

4.) He worked with his house tutor to help poor students.

5.) After the death of his house tutor he took the responsibility of help helping the poor students alone.

You have read Bangabandhu’s childhood days. Now write about your own childhood days. Include the following points. Then talk to share your memory in a group.

1.) What memories do you have with your parent/s?

Ans: There are lots of memories I have with my parents but my favourite one is when we going village with him through train.

2.) How were you three or four years ago?

Ans: I was with my parents when I was three or four years ago.

3.) How did you spend your free time then?

Ans: In free time I was playing with my friend and watching TV and reading comics.

4.) Did you have a personal hero in your primary school? How did she/he influence your life?

Ans: No, I don’t have any personal hero in my primary school.

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