NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 12 Sons of the soil Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 12 Sons of the soil Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 12 Sons of the soil.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 12 Sons of the soil


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Chapter Name

Sons of the soil

C.) Here are some words which are used in the text above. Write the Bangla meaning of the words and sentences in English with them.

Ans: 1.) Glassy- Glasayukta

You have a glassy eyewear.

2.) Potentials- Sambhabana

I have potential to do this work.

3.) Autobiography- Atmajibani

He is writing is his own autobiography.

4.) Descendants- Bansodbhuta

He has no descendants.

5.) Drenched- Bhijegeche

She was drenched and shaking from cold but happy.

6.) Heir- Uttaradhikari

They adopted an orphan as an heir.

7.) Trace- Tresa

He seems to have vanished without trace.

8.) caring- Yatnasila

He is so caring towards his parents.

9.) Adore- Upasana

I adore you.

10.) Craving- Trsna

The universe craving for wealth.

D.) Here are some cues. Write appropriate information about them.

Forefathers of Bangabandhu and their personality types Names of family members and relationship with them Bangabandhu’s pastime Bangabandhu’s favourite foods

Ans: 1. ) Respected Sheikh Qudratullah and Respected  Sheikh Ekramullah are the forefathers of Bangabandhu and their personality was they were the landlord besides their own business.

2.) His father’s name was Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and mother Sayera Khatun he has also two younger and older sister and a younger brother.

3.) Bangabandhu had cravings for diving in the river and getting drenched in the rainwater. He ran field in search of bird nests.

4.) His favourite food was rice with milk and banana at the end of the meal.

E.) Write answer to the following questions.

 1.) How was the nature around Bangabandhu during his childhood?

Ans: The nature around Bangabandhu during his childhood was clam and nice and there was green nature, paddy fields, open sky, glassy water of the river, shade of the trees and blowing wind all around him.

2.)What qualities did Bangabandhu get from his forefathers?

Ans: He got the spirit and tradition from his forefathers.

3.) What made Bangabandhu’s guardians worry about him?

Ans: His guardians worry about him because he was so lean and thin in his childhood.

Work in pairs and ask and answer the following questions.

1.) How is your village/town similar or dissimilar to Tungipara during Bangabandhu’s time?

Ans: In Bangabandhu’s time there nature and air are so clean and healthy but now a days our nature and air are so polluted.

2.) What do you know about your grandparents.

Ans: My grandfather was a sweet and nice person he was T.T by profession and my grandmother was nice lady and she was housewife.

3.) What are your favourite foods?

Ans: My favourite foods are rajma chawal, kheer, chicken, etc.

H.) Write a short paragraph in telling what aspect of Bangabandhu’s childhood you have liked most and why.

Ans: Bangabandhu’s childhood life was not like us because he enjoyed his every moment also he loved by everyone in his family also he playing and doing lots of interesting thing and eat very healthy food. I really like his childhood because there are lots of interesting thing that they do and they live like a happy family and also their surroundings are very calm and happy and cheerful and he also loved by everyone.

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