NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 10 Remedies modern and traditional Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 10 Remedies modern and traditional Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 10 Remedies modern and traditional.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 10 Remedies modern and traditional


NCTB Bangladesh Board





Chapter Name

Remedies modern and traditional

A.) Look at the following pictures. Discuss with your partner what they are. Match them with their names given box.

Ans:1.) Tulsi/holy basil

2.) antacid

3.) turmeric

4.) neem

5.) savlon

6.) aloe vera

7.) honey

8.) paracetamol

B1.) Find out the items for natural cures and chemicals. Write the names of natural cures in column A. In the column B, write the items that are chemicals.

 Column A (Natural cures)

  Column B (Chemicals)
Neem and tulsi

Aloe vera


Multani mitti



Face wash


B2. Answer the questions.

 1.) What are natural cures made of?

Ans: Natural cures made up of natural herbs and leaves and plants.

 2.) Are herbal cures modern inventions? Explain your reasons.

Ans: No, herbal cures are not modern inventions because the cures are used by our ancestors.

 3.) Which civilizations are known for herbal treatments?

Ans: Herbal medicines are known for herbal treatments.

 4.) What natural remedies are used for cold? Can you add any more natural treatment for cold?

Ans: Neem, tulsi and turmeric are used for cold I just want add ginger in it.

 5.) What herbal cures are used as skin problems?

Ans: turmeric paste, aloe vera paste or marigold used as skin problems.

C.) Work in pairs. Complete the following expressions with words from the box.

1.) a tube of ointment

2.) a bottle of aspirin.

3.) a box of bandage.

4.) a can of foot spray

5.) a package of tissue.

D1. Work in pairs. Read the following situations and then make short conversation for each using can, could, may, should, etc. where necessary.

1.) A.) Hey! I want to strong my teeth could please suggest me a good toothpaste?

B.) Yes, you should go with Colgate strong teeth.

A.) Oh! Thank you so much.


2.) A.) Hello! I want to by a Milton water bottle do you have?

B.) Sorry, I don’t have but  may be I have something similar like that would want to see?

A.) Yes, why not.


3.) A. Hey! I slightly cut my finger can you have something to deal with this?

B.) Oh! Yes, I have bandaid you should put on that in your finger.

A.) Thank you so much.


4.) A.) My mother has a headache, what should I do?

B.) You can give her Vicks it helps a lot.

A.) Oh! Thank you so much.

E2. Do you know of any other home remedies that people use in our country? Ask your parents/relatives and make a list of such remedies other than the items given in your text.

Ans: Cough- gargle with warm water and salt, tea with lots of masala.

Cold- spicy gravy of chicken, tea.

Skin care- turmeric and curd paste, malai, aloe vera Multani mitti.

Headache- tea, massage on head with the help of oil.

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