Balbharati Class 8 English Solutions Chapter 1.3 The Pilgrim

Balbharati Class 8 English Solutions Chapter 1.3 The Pilgrim

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 8th class students for the Solutions of Balbharati Class 8 English Text Book Unit 1, Chapter 1.3, The Pilgrim. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in The Pilgrim. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the question answer with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 1.3 solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Chapter 1.3 : The Pilgrim Exercise question Solutions

Question no – (2) 

Answer :  

1. pilgrim f. a dutiful man
2. journey c. life
3. evening or close of day e. old age
4. chasm, deep and wide a. threat to life
5. building a bridge g. solving the problem/getting rid of treat to life
6. pitfall b. trap
7. close of day d. death

Question no – (3)

Answer : 

(A) 3 qualities of 

The old pilgrim :

  • Advisable.
  • Helpful.
  • Experienced.

The fellow pilgrim :

  • ill.
  • Advised.
  • Weird.
  • Inquiring.

Young pilgrim :

  • Inexpert.
  • Afraid.
  • Unwise.

(3) (B) Answer in your own words 

(a) Why did the old man have no need to build the bridge, across the chasm ?

Answer :  

The old man had no need to build the bridge because he had already crossed the vast chasm and there was no need for him to cross that way again.

(b) What explanation did he give to the fellow- pilgrim for his thoughtful deed ?

Answer :  

The old man explained to the fellow pilgrim for his thoughtful deed that he was building the bridge for those young men who were about to cross that chasm. The youth was not that much experienced and brave to cross that way and the chasm could seem to be a trap for them. So, for helping them he was building the bridge.

(c) What message does the poem convey to all of us?

Answer :  

The poem conveys the message that we should be always helpful to other and should be very modest.

Question no – (4)

Answer :  

(4) – (C) lines that contain Inversion are

You have crossed the chasm deep and wide

To the fair haired youth, may a pitfall be.


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